BALLERZ : A Christmas Miracle

As embarrassing as this is to admit … it was me. That $7.50 BALLER that sold was me (cue the studio audience boos).

I was writing a blog about the marketplace interface to help users and listed it (so I thought) for $7,500. It was well above base floor and Team Dapper floor so I thought I would have time to delist…

Absolutely not.

Gone in 60 seconds .. probably less.

Literally yelling “WHAT THE F#$!” at the top of my lungs in public was not how I planned on spending this Wednesday. I immediately hit the BALLERZ discord to see if I could find help, but I knew the rules. Fat finger listing gets punished. Paper hands make way for diamonds.

I didn’t give up though and neither did the community .. encouraging words were sent, and I’d like to highlight community member Coach McGuirk (twitter @McguirkNBA) for taking the time to do some research and help me track who it was sold to.

You can check flow scan .. you can reach out … but none of that means anything unless who has it agrees to fix YOUR mistake (or in this case mine).

Community member BumZhaBum (also his TopShot name) is a saint. A hero we should speak about years from now as we drive our Teslas and Lambos. He understood. He had empathy for me. Didn’t even request anything … just a simple “I got you bro.”

We talked about football , he’s waiting for NFL All Day Access just like me. He’s a ‘Niners fan (thank God not a Cowboys fan because this could have went South lol) and he even gave props to my Eagles.

He doesn’t know I lost both my parents and grandfather all within the last couple of years. My mothers anniversary of her passing was just this last weekend. I was in my feels before I made the mistake and was absolutely crushed after it was sold.

The BALLERZ community would have no idea until now, but it’s helped me during the holidays and kept me from feeling so down. It’s the truth. I really enjoy talking to everyone from the team, discord mods, to the OGz, Holderz and hopefuls. It gave me my writing powers back (went to school for Journalism and hadn’t written anything in a long time). So, thank you everyone. And especially to BumZhaBum. That act meant more than you realize and I’m happy to have you in this community. We need to get you a BALLER asap 🏀

  • Sidebar* check your fu#$@!@ listings before putting anything up for sale. Learn from my ways haha and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and happy holidays you filthy animals … um I mean BALLERZ.




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