BALLERZ: The Almost-A-Month In Review

Wow. Has it only been a month since pre-sale? It’s actually amazing to think of how quickly the BALLERZ community got together and made a statement in the NFT world.

As I’m typing this there’s a party going on in Miami to kick off Art Basel with BALLERZ in attendance …

Apparently Rebel Rabbits and BALLERZ holders got free access, that’s dope. Hopefully I can get to the next events.

In a much hyped win across the community, BALLERZ won the Players Only contest to be featured on a NBA players game sneakers. Michael Carter-Williams will be playing with BALLERZ on his sneakers during an NBA game (no details yet on which one). Also Shareef O’Neal (Shaq’s son) received a custom BALLER:

We can definitely expect more of those type of collabs in the future.

The marketplace opening is coming up to allow buying and selling. A lot of noise recently about rumored/tweeted/handshake deals for BALLERZ which is great to keep the momentum going, but I’ve decided to just observe until the official platform to trade opens and more gameplay features are announced officially.

Which side do you lean towards being more valuable.. traits, stats .. teams? I think that’s the million dollar question and gameplay can positively alter the value. My argument for patiently waiting.

I started the post off with mentioning the community and it really has been on another level. We’ve already got a database, magazine covers, a commissioner, players unions, several card makers and graphic designers all putting out quality community content. We hope to feature some of the community members through BallerzFM to get some irl connections to their favorite BALLERZ and teams.

I’ve been on Twitter Spaces several times over the course of the last few weeks and the NFT Genius team, First Mint and Dapper have all talked about the level of creativity quite a bit. So to all community members , thank you. Let’s keep it rolling and stay BALLLLLIIIINNNNNN 🏀


Now Playing : “family ties” ft. Kendrick Lamar and Baby Keem from the BallerzFM Spotify playlist

We ran a giveaway for TopShot moments! Congratulations to our first winners 🏀

For the next contest we’ll try to get some RCRDSHP in there somehow with TopShot , follow on twitter for updates. 🏀



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